General Information

Before Departing Your Country

Passport & Visa

  • Valid passport and Korean Visa are needed for all visitors to Republic of Korea
  • Exemption: Visitors with round-trip tickets from countries that have a special agreement with Korea can stay in Korea up to 30 or 90 days, depending on the type of agreement between the two countries.
  • For more information: Website

Travel Insurance

  • Getting travel insurance in your country prior to visiting Korea is recommended
  • Insurance is also available at the Incheon International Airport

Time Difference

  • Korean Standard Time: UTC/GMT +9 hours
    (Summer Time is not applied in Korea)
  • Current Time in Korea: Website

Korean Currency

  • Currency: Won (\)
    - 4 Kinds of Notes: fifty thousand, ten thousand, five thousand, one thousand won
    - 4 Kinds of Coins: 500, 100, 50, 10 won
  • 10,000 won, 5,000 won and 1,000 won are most frequently used in everyday life
  • Only 1,000 won bills and coins are accepted on buses, or when using vending machines
  • Exchange Rate: Approximately 1,130 won to USD 1


  • Four Distinct Seasons in Korea: Spring(March ~ May), Summer(June ~ August), Autumn(September ~ November), Winter(December ~ February)
  • Weather Information of October in Korea






23 Sun

23 Sun


Actual Temp. (℃)





Hist. Avg.






Phone calls / Mobile Phones

  • Rent mobile phones or apply for roaming services at Incheon and Gimpo Airports
  • Save time by reserving your Korean mobile phone before your trip
  • Details: KT: Website SKT: Website

Tipping and Value-added Tax (VAT)

  • Tipping is not a regular practice in Korea
  • Value added tax and service charges are usually included in the consumer price. However, service charges and VATs may not be included in the fees charged by some hotels and luxurious restaurants
  • Tax Refunds for Non-residents and Foreigners: Website

Electricity & Voltage

  • Voltage : 220 volts
  • The outlet has two round holes and is the same type used in France, Germany, Austria, Greece, Turkey, and many other countries
  • Inquire the hotel front desk for multi-voltage travel adapters. They are sold in duty-free shops, convenience stores, airports etc


  • Official Language: Korean
  • Official Alphabet: Hangeul
- Basic Characters: 14 consonants, 10 vowels







- Usage: Written in syllabic units made up of two to four letters

After Arriving In Korea

Business Hours

Post Offices
9AM – 6PM weekdays only
Department Stores
10:30AM – 8PM closed on Mondays
Restaurants & Retail Stores
11AM – 9PM commonly, in some cases until 2 – 3AM
Major Convenience Stores (GS25, CU, Seven Eleven etc.)
24 hours