*As of 3 September 2022

Before Departure

Step 1. Apply for Visa or K-ETA (Korea Electronic Travel Authorization)

Based on your passport information, nationality, and the duration of your stay, you need to get a visa to enter Korea. You can find a suitable visa by accessing ‘Korea Visa Portal’. And please make a confirmation with the Korean diplomatic missions or consulates.

K-ETA Application for Nationals of Visa Waiver and Designated Visa-Free Countries
According to the implementation of K-ETA, 112 countries/regions who were eligible for visa-free entry is now required to apply for K-ETA.
*If you apply for K-ETA and receive approval, you are exempted from the visa application

How to Apply
  • Please apply for K-ETA at least 72 hours prior to boarding the flight via official website (k-eta.go.kr) or mobile App (K-ETA)
  • K-ETA application by proxy is available (one person can apply up to a total of 30 people and make the payment at once).
Application Fee
KRW 10,000 (approximately USD 9~10, additional fee excluded
Required Information
  • E-mail, Picture, Personal Information, (if needed) Personal Information of Accompanying Person
  • Passport Information, Flight Schedule Information
  • Address where you will stay during your visit to Korea
    – Grand Hyatt Seoul
    322 Sowol-ro, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul, South Korea, 04347
  • Contact Number in Korea
    – K-LAC 2022 Secretariat: +82-2-566-3833
  • K-ETA holders can go through immigration office more conveniently, as they are exempted from submitting the arrival card.
  • K-ETA is not a Visa. K-ETA approval does not guarantee admission to the Republic of Korea.
    A Korea Immigration Service officer at a port of entry will have the final determination.
  • The personal information of the K-ETA that you have submitted cannot be modified.
  • UNLP (United Nations Laissez-Passer) holders are exempted from the visa and K-ETA
IDB Borrowing Members (K-ETA/VISA)


K-ETA (30days)




K-ETA (90days)

Dominican Republic

K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (30days)


K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (90days)




K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (30days)


K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (3months)


K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (90days)

Costa Rica

K-ETA (90days)

El Salvador

K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (90days)


K-ETA (3months)


K-ETA (30days)

Trinidad and Tobago

K-ETA (90days)



Step 2. Pre-Register the PCR Test

  • As of 3 September 2022, the result of the COVID-19 test before departure is not necessary.
  • All entrants must take a PCR Test within first day(24h) of arrival in Korea. (as of 1 September 2022)

Due to shortened testing period, we highly recommend you to undergo PCR test at the Incheon Airport. Please make a reservation in advance for testing depending on your flight schedule and landing terminal.

How to make a reservation
Please make a pre-reservation through Safe2GO (www.safe2gopass.com)
*Payment of PCR test fee is at personal expense

Upon Arrival at the Airport

Step 1. Take your pre-reserved PCR test

Please visit the inspection station at the Incheon Airport for your pre-reserved PCR test.
After the test, we recommend you to go to your accommodation and minimize outside contact before receiving the PCR test result.
*For detailed information on the COVID-19 PCR Test Time Table, please click here.

Incheon Airport T1 COVID-19 Testing Center (East)

Terminal 1 Transit Center outdoor(1F), East side (Near entrance/exit door next to Capsule Hotel Darakhyu)


24 hours

Incheon Airport T1 COVID-19 Testing Center (West)

Terminal 1 Transit Center outdoor(1F), West side (Near entrance/exit door next to Capsule Hotel Darakhyu)


24 hours

Incheon Airport T2 COVID-19 Testing Center (East)

Terminal 2 Parking lot (B1), East side (Nearby KEB Hana Bank at B1 Floor)
*Only arrival PCR test is available


24 hours

Step 2. Register your PCR test results on Q-CODE

Q-Code is an advanced input system of quarantine information to provide convenience (shorten the time) for overseas entrants require.

How to use Q-Code
  1. Visit the Q-Code official website and click on ‘Registration of post-entry inspection’ on the right side of the top banner
  2. Enter your passport number, date of birth and date of entry(selective), and click ‘inquiry’
  3. Enter your test date, test results, etc., and upload the issued test result sheet (or SMS from the testing center) and save

NOTE: In Korea, wearing a mask is mandatory in all indoor activities but you may take off your mask outside.

Nearby Hospitals – for PCR Test

If you are inevitably unable to get tested at the airport or need to get tested before leaving Korea, please note the hospitals listed below.

Soonchunhyang University Hospital

– Address: 657-58, Hannam-dong, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
– Distance (Hotel-Hospital): 2.5km (about 10 minutes by taxi)
– Pre-reservation: Pre-reservation not available
– Price: KRW 180,000
– Operation Time: (Weekday) 08:30-11:30, 13:30-16:30 (Weekend) 09:00-11:00
– Test Result: You need to visit the hospital the next day in order to receive the test result.

SeeJene Medical Foundation

– Address: 1F, 320 Cheonho-daero, Seongdong-gu, Seoul
– Distance (Hotel-Hospital): 8.7km (about 30 minutes by taxi)
– Pre-reservation: Pre-reservation available
– Price: KRW 110,000
– Operation Time: (Weekday) 09:00-20:45 (Weekend) 09:00-17:45
– Test Result: Test results can be received by e-mail after 4-6 hours

Countermeasure of Confirmed Cases – Grand Hyatt Seoul

7 days of quarantine period is mandatory when tested positive in Korea. When your PCR test result comes out as ‘Positive’, please stay at your room and contact the secretariat. *The self-isolation fee is at personal expense.
  • Participants who reserved a room in advance (before diagnosed) are allowed to stay at the Grand Hyatt Seoul Hotel during the quarantine period (7 days). (Not allowed to leave the room during the self-isolation period)
  • Untact services (room service, providing amenities/towels) are available during the quarantine period and external food can be delivered through the Bell Desk.
  • Cleaning service is not provided during self-isolation period.


Please contact the secretariat.

The secretariat will kindly assist you.

Staff Contact: Jisoo You: +82 10 4993 6994, Ella Kim: +82 10 5634 2583

Hotel: +82 2 797 1234


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