Ailtom Barberino do Nascimento Filho

Global Executive Vice-President at Stefanini Group

Is the Global Executive Vice-President at Stefanini Group, and responsible for the CEO Forum Brazil-USA, where he leads the Staffing Team of the Brazilian session. Mr. Nascimento has worked for the financial services industry for 38 years, including 20 years at Itau Bank, the largest Latin American bank, where he has held a number of positions including CIO for Itau Bank in Europe, and Credit Risk Manager in Brazil. He is an Economist with an MBA in Corporate Finance and Leadership in Digital Transformation by INSEAD, Fontainebleau – France. He is also regarded as an industry expert in banking technology. As for the IT Services Industry, he has worked for Tata Consultancy Services and HCL as Vice-President for Latam. Along his career, Ailtom has managed teams and global operations in Brazil and abroad to expand their presence in new markets. He is also responsible for Global Business and Institutional Affairs establishing new relationship at C-Level. Additionally, Ailtom is a former member of the Brazilian Central Bank’s Credit Risk Committee (1997-2000), and he is Mr. Marco Stefanini’s Advisor for the U.S.-Brazil CEO Forum, as well as for JETCO – Joint Economic and Trade Committee, a CEO Forum between Brazil and UK. He is a member of CNI’s (National Confederation of Industries) industry innovation committee and Forum TNCs.