Bruno Batavia

Director of Emerging Technologies at Valor Capital Group

Bruno Batavia is the Director of Emerging Technologies at Valor Capital Group, a venture capital firm based in New York focused on Latam and US-Brazil cross-border opportunities.

He also brings more than 13 years of experience working with innovation at Brazil’s Central Bank (BCB), where he led studies and initiatives with a particular focus on emerging technologies.

Most recently, he served as the Deputy Head for the Digital Real (Drex) Project, Brazil’s CBDC initiative, which earned the #1 global ranking in finance and #7 in the overall rank of Project Management Institute’s (PMI) “Top 50 Most Influential Projects of 2022”.

Bruno was also the coordinator of the Brazilian Tokenization Working Group, a joint task force between the Brazilian Central Bank and the Capital Markets Authority.

He served as the editor for workshops and publications focused on CBDCs, crypto assets, and tokenization. He is also the author of multiple articles and books on these topics, including the BCB’s first-ever working paper on digital currencies.

Bruno has been featured in the Global Government Fintech’s ’23 People to Watch in 2023’—a list that includes influential figures from government agencies, central banks, regulators, and multilateral organizations.