David Brogeras

Director of Digital Transformation Advisory Services at IDB Invest

David Brogeras, an experienced professional in the field of digital transformation, currently serves as the Director of Digital Transformation Advisory Services at IDB Invest. His role involves developing advisory services and knowledge products that address the challenges of digital transformation in the private sector. His work emphasizes the impact of the intersection between digital transformation and sustainability, achieved through the integration of technology solutions supported by digital platforms, data analytics, and artificial intelligence.

Before joining IDB Invest, David held managing director positions at renowned global consulting firms specializing in digital transformation. He also has an entrepreneurial background, having co-founded two technology start-ups. His expertise covers a range of sectors, including agriculture, manufacturing, and financial inclusion. He has authored several publications that provide insights into these sectors, exploring the potential of the Latin American and Caribbean region to enhance its competitiveness through the adoption of innovative digital solutions.

David earned his Bachelor’s degree in Physical Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. He has extensive experience in managing complex business and technology landscapes across Europe and Latin America. At IDB Invest, his work is focused on leading digital transformation initiatives and partnership programs that have a significant impact on private sector development. His role also involves enabling businesses to extract more value from their technology investments, improving their Digital Business Journeys, and achieving their Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).