Donghun Lee

CEO, Codepresso

Donghun Lee is the CEO of Codepresso, a fast-growing HR Tech SaaS startup in South Korea. At Codepresso, he leads the development of products that quantitatively assess and manage developers’ skills and runs both domestic and international business operations.

In six years at CodePresso, without external investment, Donghun has driven the company’s annual revenue to double every year, reaching $3 million. Codepresso serves over 60 major clients, including Samsung Electronics, Hyundai Motor Company, SK Telecom, and the Ministry of Economy and Finance.

Donghun holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in computer science from Sogang University. He gained valuable experience as a Full Stack Web Developer at LG Electronics and Smilegate, working on large-scale global services. He also served as an Affiliated Professor in the AI MBA program at Sogang University, teaching tech and business to working professionals.

Donghun Lee’s expertise and leadership continue to propel Codepresso to new heights in the HR Tech industry.