Hae Ryong Choi

CEO of Bio Business for Americas, CJ Cheiljedang (Korea)

Lance Choi currently serves as the President and CEO of BIO Business for the Americas at Cheiljedang, which leads the Taste, Nutrition & Health Industry for Animals and Humans by providing world-class eco-friendly BIO technologies with high quality products and innovative solutions.

With over 20 years at CJ, Lance’s most current role includes serving as CEO of the CJ Cheiljedang Food and Nutrition Tech Business Unit. Previously he was COO & Vice President of the CJ Cheiljedang Human Nutrition and Health Business Unit. Lance also served as GM & VP of North America for CJ BIO America, INC where he had the opportunity to establish a foothold in the North American markets. Mr. Choi possesses a considerable amount of knowledge and demonstrated experience in the fields of global sales and positioning, marketing strategy, new business development, and strategic planning.