Jaehoon Shim

Co-founder and CEO of Hopae

Jaehoon Shim is the co-founder and CEO of Hopae. In 2021 Jaehoon and the team built COOV, the official blockchain-based COVID-19 vaccination credential system for South Korea. The system managed over 43M users daily and around 4 billion verifications with 86M edge agents nation-wide while using W3C DID and VCDM. COOV also successfully established international interoperability for mutual recognition with EU and Singapore. For his contributions, Jaehoon received commendation from the minister.

Jaehoon Shim, with a Computer Science BS from UIUC, brings experience from his time as a blockchain researcher at LG. As a founder and principal organizer of SSIMeetup Korea, he champions self-sovereign identity technologies. His work includes translating W3C’s DID and VC specifications into Korean as an official version, reflecting his commitment and advocacy for a digital future.