Jazzson Park

Founder & CEO, Sesu.ai

PARK, Jazzson is the CEO and Founder of sesu.ai, an innovative startup dedicated to digital carbon neutrality through the integration of AI, and IoT technologies.
In December 2023, Mr. Park was honored with the Minister’s Commendation from the Ministry of Science and ICT for his significant contributions to carbon-neutral technology innovation. Under his leadership, sesu.ai has secured 12 intellectual property rights, demonstrating a strong commitment to technological advancement.

sesu.ai has developed an AI-based prediction model for offshore wind power plants in collaboration with European offshore wind operators. Utilizing real data from a 1.5GW wind farm, this model enhances the efficiency of renewable energy production.
The company leads a 200MW solar power project in Latin America, the largest of its kind by a Korean AI startup, and participates in a 100MW offshore wind project in Jeju, Republic of Korea.

Further, sesu.ai has been recognized as a “Growth Strategy Partner” by Google in the carbon-neutral AI sector, benefiting from the Google for Startups Cloud program. The company is actively expanding its renewable energy projects and carbon credit trading platforms across Latin America, the UAE, Namibia, the Philippines, Vietnam, and the Republic of Korea.

Before founding sesu.ai, Mr. Park was at SK Telecom, where he was instrumental in developing the AI algorithms for NUGU, Korea’s first AI speaker. He holds an MS in Electrical Engineering from KAIST, where he specialized in Artificial Neural Networks as a fully funded national scholarship student.