Katherin Sandoval

Manager of Social Infrastructure National Infrastructure Agency - ANI Colombia

An economist with a Master’s degree in Economics, Katherin currently serves as the Manager of Social Infrastructure at the National Infrastructure Agency. Previously, she held the position of Director of the Public-Private Partnership Program in Infrastructure at the National Planning Department, where she led the formulation of public policies, provided training to national and subnational entities on the PPP scheme, structured multi-sectoral PPP projects, conducted bottleneck analyses, and devised strategies to facilitate infrastructure projects through the PPP scheme.

She has extensive experience in directing, formulating, developing, monitoring, and evaluating multi-sectoral and logistical infrastructure projects, in Public-Private Partnerships, as well as in managing and executing technical cooperations and credits with multilateral entities.

Katherin has worked as an advisor to the Vice Minister of Transportation and the Vice Minister of Infrastructure at the Ministry of Transportation; as Coordinator of the Logistics and Competitiveness Program at the National Planning Department; as a consultant to territorial entities on PPP and Logistics Infrastructure issues, and as a consultant to the United Nations on competitiveness, among other roles.