Laura Macció

Co-founder & CEO, MetaBix

Laura Macció is the co-founder and CEO of metaBIX Biotech, marking her second successful startup at the intersection of biotechnology and artificial intelligence for disease prevention in humans, animals, and plants. Graduated in biology with a specialization in biotechnology, Laura has led initiatives in the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and quality control, managing the registration and scaling of products at an industrial level.

With metaBIX Biotech, she has achieved significant milestones, including the approval of several patents in the U.S. and expansion into strategic markets in Asia and Latin America. Laura combines advanced science with effective commercial strategies, optimizing impact and profitability.

Her leadership has been recognized in prestigious acceleration programs and for her ability to attract strategic investments, establishing metaBIX Biotech as a leader in predictive health technologies. Inspiring entrepreneurs and industry leaders globally, Laura advocates for sustainable solutions that improve life and global food safety.