Oiyoung Jung

Executive Vice President for Innovative Growth, Executive Board Member of KOTRA (Korea Trade and Investment Promotion Agency)

Oiyoung Jung is the Executive Vice President for Innovative Growth (December 2021-present). During his tenure as Executive Vice President, he has achieved significant milestones. Under his leadership, KOTRA was designated as the “Korea Center for Global Industrial Supply Chain” in 2023 and as the lead agency for international greenhouse gas reduction in 2022, reflecting KOTRA’s growing influence and commitment to sustainability.

Since joining KOTRA in June 1991, he has held pivotal positions across key regions. Before assuming the position of Executive Vice President, he served as the Regional President of the Japan Head Office, KOTRA Tokyo (2020-2021), where he endeavored to foster robust bilateral relations and promote Korean business interests with notable success. His tenure also includes pivotal contributions as the Director General of KOTRA Los Angeles (2018-2020). Before this, as a Director General, he led the Overseas Business Consulting Center (2017-2018). He also served as the Director of the Export Initiation Team (2016-2017), KOTRA Almaty (2013-2016), and the Auditor’s Office (2011-2013), leading efforts to expand Korean enterprises into new markets.

Oiyoung Jung holds a degree in English Language and Literature from Pusan National University.